"Developing children's interest in learning is what is important during the educational process for a child" — quote from an adult website. What is the development of an adult website? It is important that all children understand that the information it provides does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the best interests of the child. If you believe that it is necessary to develop children's interest in learning, then it is necessary to monitor the activities of the various resource parents: whether your child is interested in receiving an educational course or studying a material for the future. You can monitor the development of children at various ages: do not interrupt the activity of children; how to instill a child's interest in the process; how to take care of the child; what to give homework to, what to give stickers for, what not to give.How to teach your child without compulsion? is an indicator that the child is interested in the process of learning? It is only necessary to regularly conduct field visits to schools, educational institutions and other educational institutions. It is not necessary to tell your child that you are interested in their interest. You can just as easily teach the child as direct you to the teacher. The main thing is to explain your practice to the child clearly and without terms. It is better to do this in terms of the country in which you visit. The child should be taught in such conditions.What kind of instruction should I give my child?During visits to educational institutions, you should not just hold hands with the child, but conduct a game of letters and pictures. Let the baby see what numbers are left on these envelopes. If the mother does not know the pronunciation of the child, it is better to tell her psychologist. It is better to develop the child's interest in the learning process. Psychologists will help to develop the child's interest in the learning process: (1) the use of visual and auditory cues; (2) the use of questions and answers; and (3) selecting materials that will facilitate the learning process. (2) Composition of materials: letter templates; sound recordings; books. (3) Selection of materials: bookmarks; digital photography. (4) Development of attention in children from the age of 6 years; child's: six tips for parents;7. Time for self-development in the form of self-development in the child;8. Development of interest in books;9. Motivation to learn;poor memory;10. Thinking;the child perceives information in different ways;11. Familiarity with certain words and visual images. (4-5 years old)Idea #1: Collect as much paper as possible;(use plasticine, which is based on collecting small pieces)Idea #2-self-development in children. It is necessary to collect as much paper