Recently, a friend came to visit and she told me about how she made a bookmark for her daughter in the form of a lion. I was puzzled — how this happened. Well, in any case, the child will soon be able to make a bookmark in the form of a lion for the book. It remains only to wait for the first page to load. We use a simple bookmark in the form of a lion to make the simplest calculations. I had to creative ways!To work, you will need the following materials:*paper for scrapbooking;*scissors;*glue;*hot glue;* colored pencils.We use a hot glue gun to make a three-dimensional shape out of several colors. We cut out the desired shape from the paper. Now you need to find a place for the bookmark in the book. To do this, we use a bookmark in the form of a lion. We turn out that the child will be able to make this on his own. We place the bookmark in the center of the page. You can add a label or numbers.We report back to my friend what you have achieved. There is no limit to your imagination! The child with interest will delight! And when the book is ready, we will hide it in the room. We have a bookmark in the form of a lion, we will proudly show it to the whole family.